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Total Control.

Drive with confidence and control! In a safe and friendly environment we will teach you how to drive a car using the best practices and procedures.

let's start driving

Take 6 lessons and earn a Certificate of Completion!

Our O.D.O.T. certified driving instructors will teach you techniques to operate an automobile with precision. All levels of students are welcome. Our cars are equipped to make your learning as safe as possible.

We are flexible to your needs and it is our pleasure to teach!

One on One Private Driving Lessons
Private Driving Lessons at Lane County Driving School

Benefits of 1:1 private lessons

  • Simplifies challenging environments and driving situations

  • Latest safety procedures and defensive driving techniques

  • Brush up on basic driving maneuvers and vehicle control on a variety of road types

  • Personalized instructions from an O.D.O.T certified driving instructor

We pride ourselves on maintaining the best practices in all of Lane County.

*No refunds after enrollment fees have been paid. 



Our most commonly

asked questions, answered.

  • Do we conduct the Drive Test for DMV?
    No, we currently do not conduct the Drive Test for the DMV.
  • How can I sign my child up for Driver Education?
    Visit our website and follow the sign-up steps there - or you can call the office at -541-357-4123 to get more assistance.
  • Is the Driver Education Course ODOT approved?
    Yes, our Driver Education Course is ODOT approved!
  • Is the ODOT Course only for teens under 18 years old?
    No, however, the incentives that go along with it are only for Teens under 18, and the cost of the -course changes. For more information, feel free to call our office at 541-357-4123 for more information.
  • What is the make-up policy if my student misses a scheduled class?
    There is a $40.00 makeup fee charged and you will need to schedule a day and time for them to attend another class to make up that chapter.
  • Does my student need to have driving practice before signing up for Driver Education?
    Yes, we require 10 hours or more of driving to be completed with parents or guardians before signing up.
  • Do you provide the vehicle that my student will be driving?
    Yes, all drives are done in our vehicles.
  • How many hours of supervised driving do I need to obtain my license?
    This depends on your age, however, if you are under 18 you must have your permit for at least 6 months and get 100 hours of supervised driving. If you take the ODOT Driver Education program (While under 18), that will account for 50 of those hours.
  • I lost my permit, Can I still come to my driving appointment?
    No, we cannot keep your appointment without a physical copy of your permit. We can, however, reschedule you until you are able to find or replace it. Please call to cancel the appointment and to reschedule it.
  • Can I get a refund for the enrollment fee?
    No, we do not offer refunds after the enrollment fee has been paid.

O.D.O.T. Approved

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